“Hi, my name is Journey Bortz.”

I am a senior this year (2017-18) at Hutchinson High School. I am the oldest of three. I enjoy playing with my dogs outside. In the future I hope I move out my parents house and being living on my own with a good decent job that I enjoy and pays enough so that I can pay my bills. When my dad isn't doing anything I like sit down and watch TV with him or go for motorcycle rides or take a ride in the Corvette. We usually drive around town or to the lake or go around Carey Park. Or I like to take the dogs outside and watch them play frisbie or with each other. Its rather cute and funny because the size difference, Boomer is Saint Bernard and Zoey is a Boxer. To go to my dashboard click HERE. To self assess click HERE. To see my About Me page click HERE. To see my class project click HERE. To see my second class project click HERE.

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