Salthawk Radio is a branch of Salthawk Mediaworks.


Podcasts Can Be Viewed Below

•Blue Coin Gaming

A project done by Dustin Curiel, Sean Martinez, and Avery Heck discussing the gaming industry. Podcast can be found here.

•Clark Dance Class Video

A project done incorporating Clark's Line and Social Dance class with Perrin's iCreate class. Video can be found here.

•Neil Massey Interview

An interview done with Neil Massey, a fight choreographer from Chicago. Can be viewed here. Alternatively a PDF including a lot of information about Massey can be found here.

•Salthawk Revue

The Salthawk Revue was a mixture of both new and old school local musicians, featuring a few musicians from the High School and a few older people too! It was a great time, you can listen to one of the best songs of the night here.

•"Meet The"

Meet The Class was a student produced project all the way back in 2007 (Four years prior to the production of this site). This was put on the site merely to show just the progression of student work. Can be viewed here.

•Curiel - Brown Interview

Interview done with Ralph Brown and Ed Curiel at Cool Beans. Interviewed by Trae Mayberry and Dennis Perrin. Can be viewed here.