“Men's Sports”

I came into Web Design 1 in 2013 not knowing if I'd actully enjoy or if it would be just another class, but I actually ended up learning alot and discovering that web design is a true joy with an eminse amount of work mixed in. Like all my classmates and the students before me I stilll have so much to learn about and experiences to have, Web Design is just another part that is really exciting. The pictures below will show you little about what that page is about. If you want you can click here to learn more about me. For my Self Dashboard click here. Click This link to view my Class Projects. My Career Dashboard is located here while my School project are located on this. Have a good day!

projects & portfolio

  1. Football
  2. GOlf
  3. Soccer
  4. Basket Ball
  5. Wreseling
  6. Track